retro racer
focus on racing lines
indie team of 5
PC / Steam
spring 2021 (eta)
current status
Private alpha under testing by relatives.

Kickstarter incoming.
Please feel free to use the material provided here on your different supports (web pages, social media, youtube, ...), as long as you make it clear that this is a work in progress for the game Classic Sport Driving.

Feedback is always welcome! :)
Classic Sport Driving is a retro racer for racing lines lovers.
Get back to 1990, try to read the road ahead, remember it, cut curves, brake as late as possible, avoid missing the apex, and exit curves at the limit!

IA opponents will take care of messing up with ideal racing lines, and require some improvisation skills from the player.

The game will feature a solo campain (checkpoints, time out), and, depending on kickstarter results, split screen multiplayer, record times sharing, and a track generator.

Remember Lotus Turbo Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini American Challenge, or of course Outrun -amongst many others-?
Take them as visual inspiration: 2D hand drawn graphics, vast spaces feeling, exploration.

Give the physics engine a boost -remaining arcade though-, and allow for precise racing lines à la Trackmania Nations.

Feed the races with a wide variety of curves, inspired from Colin McRae Rally, replace the copilot with road signs...

...and you have the secret recipe for Classic Sport Driving!
the team
We are an indie team of 5 people, going for the occasion under the name of Pixel Wrappers.

Sylvain - Game design, code
Physicist, dev for 20 years (mainly industry), former amateur racer (bikes)
Amiga fan, and guess what, my favorite game from the time is... Lotus Turbo Challenge! ;)
Jill - Graphics
Jill is our graphist. She adds a modern touch, while remaining true to the retro racer genre: all the environment is pure 2D!
Koscape - Music
Koscape feeds us with music, from ambient tracks to racing songs.
Check out his Vevo channel!
Philipp - Car modeling
Philipp is the one creating the cars.
Cars are the only 3D models in the game!
Laurent - Sound design
Laurent is our sound designer. Not that you would crash the car, would you? ;)
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