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! Available on Steam !

Press version available!
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Classic Sport Driving is a retro inspired racing game that is crafted for a more genuine driving experience.

Players can drive at high speeds and enjoy a casual racing experience with Arcade mode or have their driving skills fully tested in Pro mode where they will be required to use the brakes and master the racing line!


retro racing
arcade / pro
unlimited tracks
time trials
daily races
Unlimited tracks!
Classic Sport Driving features a track generator so players will never run out of point-to-point tracks to explore.
It’s as simple as typing in a name for a track and then racing it! 🛣️

The generator will decide the environment, weather, and length of the track. Players can then share the track name with their friends and challenge them to the fastest lap times on the game’s online leaderboards.🏆
And yes, there are leaderboards for every track created. Have fun driving!
Daily races!
A new race every day! Can you top the rankings in your country?
The inspiration behind
Classic Sport Driving is a retro inspired racer by a small indie team of 6 passionate racing fans and gamers.
It’s also led by a former amateur racer who was inspired by his time racing bikes and playing retro games such as Lotus Turbo Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini American Challenge, Outrun, and many others.😍
These retro games are also the inspiration for the game’s 2D hand drawn visuals, vast spaces, and the exploration.

Trying to expand on the retro games it’s inspired by, the Classic Sport Driving physics engine gives an added boost to gameplay and requires a deeper focus and precision on the racing line for a great racing experience.
the team
We are an indie team of 6 people, going under the name of Pixel Wrappers.

Sylvain - Game design, code
Physicist, dev for 20+ years (mainly industry), former amateur racer (bikes)
Amiga fan, and guess what, his favorite game from the time is... Lotus Turbo Challenge! 😉
Jill - Graphics
Jill is our graphist. She adds a modern touch, while remaining true to the retro racer genre: all the environment is pure 2D!
Philipp - Car modeling
Philipp is the one creating the cars.
Cars are the only 3D models in the game!
Koscape - Music
Koscape feeds us with music, from mysterious ambient tracks to high energy racing songs.
Check out his Vevo channel!
Laurent - Sound design
Laurent is our sound designer. From off track excursions to sheeps baaing!
Andrew - Communications
From OutRun to Forza Motorsport, Andrew loves to drive fast and race anything that goes vroom! He has over a decade of experience working in the video game industry and is sharing his expertise with the Classic Sport Driving team!
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